Names of Allah:Al-Quddus, As-Salam dan Al-Mukmin

القدوس (Al Quddus)
*The Holy

And We vouchsafed unto Isa, the son of Mariam,
all evidence of the truth, and strengthened him with holy inspiration.
(Al-Baqarah 2:252)

السلام (As Salam)
*The Source of Peace and Safety

And know that God invites man unto the abode of peace,
and guides him that wills to be guided onto a straight way.
(Yunus 10:25)

المؤمن (Al Mu'min)
*The Guarantor

O you who have attained to faith!
Remember God with unceasing remembrance,
and extol His limitless glory from morning to evening.
He it is who bestows His blessings upon you,
with His  angels echoing Him,
so that He might take you out of the depths of darkness into the light.
(Al-Ahzab 33:41)


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