Names of Allah:Ar Rahman , Ar Rahim & Al Malik

الرحمن(Ar Rahman)
*The Exceedingly Compassionate

The Most Gracious has imparted this Qur'an unto MAN
He has created man : He has imparted unto him articulate  thought and speech.
At His behest the sun and the moon run their appointed courses ; before Him prostrate themselves the stars and the trees.
and the skies has He raised high, and has devised for all thing a measure, so that you too. O men, might never transgress the measure of what is right : weight, therefore ,you deeds with equity and cut not the measure short and the earth has He spread out for all living beings, with fruits thereon, and palm trees with sheathed  clusters of dates and grain growing tall on its stalks and sweet-smelling plants.
Which then of your Sustainer's powers can you disavow?
(Ar Rahman 55:1-13)

الرحيم (Ar Rahim)
*The Exceeding Merciful

Bismillah ar Rahman ar Rahim
In the name of God , the infinitely Compassionate and Merciful
(Al Fathihan 1:1)

الملك (Al Malik)
*The King

And thus have We bestowed from on high this divine writ
as a discourse in the Arabic tongue.
and given therein many facets to all manner of warnings.
so that men might remain conscious of Us
or that it give rise to a new awareness in them.
Know then that God is sublimely exalted, the Ultimate Sovereign, the Ultimate Truth:
and knowing this , do not approach the Qur'an in haste.
ere it has been revealed unto thee in full but always say:
"O my sustainer, cause me to grow in knowledge"
(Tho Ha 20:113-114)


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